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stand up for sexual and cultural diversity and take a stand against discrimination in schools!

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Information on counseling lesbian and gay students

The following tips may help you deal with counseling lesbian and gay students. Of course the following tips are just general information. Nevertheless it might help you to avoid some larger mistakes.

Take the problems expressed by the student seriously. Coming out is not a picnic.

Approaching the theme homosexuality in classes with Muslim students

Below is a link to a master thesis that deals with this theme, which has been extensively researched. It also offers practical tips and suggestions and some examples that may help you during classes.


The life of gay youth

On behalf of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Affairs, the gay and lesbian research group at the Institute of Psychology and Social Psychology of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (SLFM) conducted a study on the living situation and social and sexual identity of young homosexuals. The study was coordinated by Dipl.-Psych Ulrich Biechele, Dr. Günter Reisbeck and Prof. Dr. Heiner Keupp.