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How many can be considered gay teachers?

Far too few!

Now seriously:

In general it is assumed that approximately 5% of the population is composed of homosexuals. Statistically this 5% is also apparent in different professional fields. There are indications that within social workers the proportion of homosexual men tends to be slightly larger than in other areas.
So you can statistically speculate that among 20 teachers, there is one which is gay. The same is valid for students in schools!

How do you recognize a gay teacher?

Uncontrolled movement of the hand, well-groomed appearance and a bright laugh are some of the traces of a gay teacher.

Now seriously:

Gay teachers cannot be so simply lumped together. That is why it is not so simple to recognize them. Ultimately it comes down to whether the teacher talks openly about being gay or not.

Are there are many openly gay teachers?

More and more! And once caught at a gay parade everybody knows about it!

Now seriously:

We know many gay teachers in Germany that decided to be open with their students and colleagues about their homosexuality, and most of them refer to their “coming-out” as something positive. Thus they contribute to the acceptance of homosexuality as a normal aspect of life, in schools as well as in other areas.
Every gay teacher must decide for themselves whether they want to come out in their place of work. The existing fears are not something to be ignored. It would be nice if there were in all schools an atmosphere of acceptance towards homosexuality that would enable more teachers to not fear any kind of oppression because of their sexuality.

How do colleagues, students and parents of students react when they find out that a teacher with whom they are connected is gay?

The experiences of openly gay teachers in Germany are overwhelmingly positive. Problems are particularly rare when it comes to the relation with colleagues and the school administration. But we also know gay teachers who had problems with their coming-out and even suffered from aggressive harassment and lack of solidarity.

Can there be employment law issues for openly gay teachers?

Yes, on school trips one can be assigned to supervise the girls in the shower.

Now seriously:

No! Homosexuality officially does not justify any legal action against the teacher, at least in Germany. In Berlin it is considered advisable by the school administration for teachers to be open about their homosexuality and to serve as model for the topic of sexual diversity in school.
At religious schools it tends to be different. You can read more about this specific theme on "Raus aus der Grauzone” (in German)

Do gay teachers have more problems than heterosexual teachers ?

Yes, they struggle every day to decide what they should wear to school?

Now seriously:

Openly gay teachers are often very popular among students and especially their female colleagues. Considering their experience in developing their own social role, gay teachers tend to be requested to contribute to the resolution of conflict situations and are appreciated for it.
But again: not all gay teachers can be lumped together.

Are the lessons with gay teachers different?


Now seriously:

If you are LGBTI, what are your experiences? Write to us about it and we will be happy to post it here.

Should gay teachers take part of sexual orientation programs in schools?

Who remains to be elucidated today?

Now seriously:

The guidelines to sexual education programs in german schools require that all teachers should talk with their students about different aspects of sexuality, including homosexuality. Gay teachers can probably do it with more authenticity and disembarrassment. Although there are different organizations (german) devoted to supporting and counseling school administration and teachers in the task of adding sexual diversity in sexual education programs.

What teaching materials are there about homosexuality?

A teaching program in the gay bookstore may answer all questions from students on the topic.

Now seriously:

There is a range of material (german). In our links “Material” and “Studies” you can find good recommendations.

What do the teachers of the GEW Berlin group do?

They exchange vacation stories and gossip over coffee!

Now seriously:

We meet every two weeks to talk about our professional and personal experiences and everything that has to do with the topic "gays and school": Through the exchange of experiences, we support each other mutually in our work.

We seek and maintain contact with other groups related to education and sexual diversity. We also organize different activities and campaigns on the theme "gays and school" and in negotiations with the Senate Department for Education and School of Germany we are committed to ensuring that LGBT issues are included in the curricular and extracurricular activities of schools.

We are also committed to ensuring that the situation of gay students gets better and better. In Berlin, for example, the brochure "She loves her. He loves him" was under the coordination of the GEW and the Senate Department for Education and School of Germany.


We always have answers to questions. We are teachers!

Now seriously:

If you have any questions, just write us. We will do our best to find an answer.